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About Us

Welcome to Covington Planter Company.

Since 1911, all of our planters have been designed to fertilize and plant all row crops in one easy operation. Covington planters provide accurate depth control on uneven land and trouble free planting without clogging from trash or debris.

We build high quality, cost effective planters that:

  • Planting UnitsAre easy to set up and operate
  • Bed, plant and fertilize in one operation
  • Always plant seeds exactly in the center of fertilizer streams so they do not come in contact with fertilizer.
  • Plant up to 6 mph (with Speedmaster Duplex Grain attachment)
  • Have adjustable row width, fertilizer flow and seed rate
  • Have low initial cost and are economical to maintain

Covington planters fertilize and plant all row crops from gin-run or delinted cotton to peanuts, beans, grains and vegetables.

Find a Covington Planter Company dealer or distributor near you or contact us so we can help you with planting your crops.



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